Monday, January 16, 2012

FW: Must-listen mini-gems from Marquart: Private Worship



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Posted on: Monday, January 16, 2012 5:00 AM
Author: (Rev. Paul A. Rydecki)
Subject: Must-listen mini-gems from Marquart: Private Worship


Some of the best theological lectures I've ever heard are recordings of the Rev. Kurt Marquart, who now rests from his labors. Many of these recordings are available at Rev. Jay Webber's site. I recommend listening to them all.

But for those who only have a couple of minutes today, please take the time to listen to this short clip from a longer lecture on Liturgy and Evangelism. The full-length audio recording can be found here.

More clips will be posted in days to come.

A few quotes from the above clip:

"If you're talking about private, individual worship, you can hardly define worship as anything but faith itself. The highest worship of God is faith itself."

"We cannot honor God more highly than simply to receive what he gives. There is no greater worship than receiving the Son of God as our Savior in faith."

"And without faith, no ritual, no genuflection, no gesture is any good. With it, almost anything is good. But it's got to express that faith and not fundamentally counteract it."

"In Christian worship, the mind and the soul are in control, not the body with its foot tapping and its thigh slapping."

"Anything worthwhile in worship, in the service of God, has to arise out of faith."



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