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FW: Was uns etwan die heilgen Propheten



Posted on: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 5:04 AM
Author: Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes)
Subject: Was uns etwan die heilgen Propheten



Here is my translation of a German version of "Quod chorus vatum," called "Was uns etwan die heilgen Propheten" (A. Lobwasser, author of the infamous psalter). It is sung to the original melody, which I have seen either as that of "Iste Confessor," or else of "Quem terra pontus ethera" (The God whom earth and sea and sky). This page has more information on the original version as well as an English (unrhymed) translation of it.


WHAT PROPHETS in the Spirit once had spoken

Now we behold fulfilled, the oath unbroken,

By Virgin Mary comes the revelation

Of our salvation.


2. Conceiving Christ, the Son of God, our Savior,

Without a spot or breach of honor ever,

Pure she remained, as even from her mother,—

Such as no other.


3. They took the Child and to the temple brought Him,

To aged Simèon, who long had sought Him.

The priest received the Child with gladness willing,

God's oath fulfilling.


4. And so with fervent hearts, we pray Thee, Savior,

True Son of God, to show Thy grace and favor;

Let us, e'en as Thou art to heav'n ascended,

E'er be defended.


Translation © Matthew Carver, 2012.



1. Was uns etwan die heiligen Propheten

durch den Heiligen Geist weißsagen täten,

Daß solches durch Mariam sei geschehen,

Wir nun verstehen.


2. Denn sie empfangen hat Christum den Herren,

Gottes Sohn ohn Abbruch ihrer Ehren,

ein Jungfrau blieb sie wei da war zu voren

der Welt geboren.


3. Da man mit diesem Kind in Tempel kame,

Fröhlich es Simeon in die Arm nahme,

Das wie er hätt gewünscht das Kind zu sehen

nun wär geschehen.


4. Drum bitten wir dich Gottes Sohne brünstig,

daß du uns wöllest gnädig sein und günstig,

und uns, weil du gen Himmel bist gefahren,

treulich bewahren.


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