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FW: Luther: Every Pastor Should First Be a Teacher



Feed: Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Posted on: Saturday, March 03, 2012 11:08 AM
Author: Glen Thomas
Subject: Luther: Every Pastor Should First Be a Teacher


Lutheran Schools WeekWith the celebration of Lutheran Schools Week on March 4-10, I thought it would be appropriate to share a rather interesting quote from Luther regarding pastors and teachers. I hope you enjoy it!

Schoolmasters (teachers) have learned to speak in school with their pupils; they know how the passages of Holy Scripture are properly to be handled and explained. I wish that no one would be elected preacher unless he had first been a schoolmaster. Now the young fellows want to become preachers instantly and flee schoolwork. But after a man has taught school for about ten years, he may quit with a good conscience; for the work is too great and is little thought of. However, a schoolmaster is as important to a city as a preacher. We can dispense with burgomasters, princes, and noblemen; you cannot dispense with schools, for they must rule the world.

If I were not a preacher, I do not know of any position on earth that I would rather have than that of schoolmaster. But one must not look at how the world rewards and regards it, but how God  will consider and praise it on that Day (quoted from Luther by John Mathesius in 1540, What Luther Says, vol. 3, CPH,  p. 1337).

Do you agree or disagree with Luther? Your comments are welcomed!

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